Waiting for the tides to turn

About my hope that new times will finally bring a true consensus to restore a healthy relationship of man versus nature. Because I love to wander the free open spaces, shores, dunes and seas. In my current opinion, the virtual moment of a digitally captured photograph becomes only something of value after it is printed and then deleted. About impermanence. Besides ecological and economical considerations I tried to express my point in this little zine, the original files are deleted and the pictures only live in this book as long it lasts. By that I take stand behind the laws of nature .

Printed and assembled by hand by Ooblik :: France :: First edition of 10 :: Soft cover :: Singer binding :: 36 pages :: Olin Rough 135 grs. :: Dimensions 148x210mm oblong :: Print-ooblik.fr :: The images where made in 2015-2016 along the Dutch coast with a 2.1mp Canon Ixus V from 2001.

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