About Environment

My photography revolves around the dynamic between humans and the environment, as well as nature's response to the damage we inflict. I document mankind's imprints on the planet, which serve as a testament to our neglect. My goal is to raise awareness of the destruction we are causing through our actions and showcase how mother nature is fighting back. This is what drives me to keep creating content, whether it be for books, zines, or new media.

About Timelessness

With my camera walking around I've tried to observe the overlay of numerous moments in a brief instant. It is hard to see; time constantly blurs into a single image. Cameras are special because they can show us a moment that would otherwise be lost in the vastness of time. But it is important to remember that what we see is not always what happened. The camera can only capture a tiny slice of reality, and the final image created by the photographer is often an illusion shared with the viewer.

Peter Oey

The main advantage of self-publishing my photobooks is that I have full authority over the book's content, appearance, and print run. This allows me to create a complete artistic realisation of my personal style and vision, as well as connect more directly with readers.


Is a publishing atelier specialising in self-published, limited edition photography based artist books and zines. The artworks are made with love and care, perfect for collectors and book-lovers.


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