Amor Fati in collaboration with Fábio Miguel Roque

Amor Fati

We wanted to do something together while other personal projects could not be done outside the boundaries of our homes. The well known world wide situations around us all has influenced our decisions in the making of the book. It’s about our shared faith and keep going, "Be like water", as Bruce Lee once said.

We used pictures, readily available from our archives. Compiled from images which have remained alone, done and forgotten or not ready for implementation in another series of works. Single ideas. Peter started first by filling half the book and Fabio filled the other half. What surprised us was the almost mirrored similarities that appeared.

This process was slow to produce as it went along the various stages. The photography, drawings and the design are from the Netherlands and Portugal. The printing is done in France by Ooblik and text from Colombia by Mónica Quijano, all through the digital road. Then the physical books signed and numbered in the Netherlands and final destination Portugal to be signed again and to be distributed over the analog road to photo-book lovers who are interested.

Amor Fati
Limited edition: 30 copies
Artists: Fábio Miguel Roque & Peter Oey
Text: Mónica A. Quijano
Dimensions: 20x25 cm
Pages: 32
Signed and Numbered

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