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Swan [2020]

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I’d sworn not to buy a digital camera ever again but failed to hold that promise, I did it again. I fell in love with the results from this little camera, in the sense that the files were directly usable as they are, and striking close to an analog image. 

A long held personal wish that apparently needed to wait for two decades to come true. And so I went out, to test and try, this camera for a few days and after making some prints on genuine black and white glossy paper, I saw an opportunity to make a book from these prints.

I could make a “real” photo book so to speak, by working directly with the physical prints instead of a digital file and traditional ink printing methods.

Between my test shots I found a swan, some shots in the dark and frozen ground. I could use all these as a metaphor for my concerns about gun violence in general and rising in the Netherlands in particular. I remembered an old traditional Irish song which I used (with the freedom taken for changes) for the storyline.

Thus that’s how “Swan” came to be, as a solid hand-build book, and I could produce just one book per day, the assembling was pretty tedious, but totally worth the experience.

Swan 2020 | Edition of 6 | Hard cover | Coptic binding | 36 pages | 24 genuine black and white c-prints | 1 folding out page |  3 storytelling tokens |  Dimensions 140x195mm | Weight 419 grams 

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