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Riding Sculptures

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Riding Sculptures

They keep riding until the sun goes down. Keep gliding these waves of concrete. Wheels create a rhythmic sound. Their paradises of flying around. The king of the skatepark waits a turn. Then the skater takes off for the sensation of mastering the hard grey surface of the solid ocean. And tomorrow they come back for more beat.

 This zine counts 32 pages plus cover and the dimensions are 148 by 210 mm. The photo-zine has a soft cover using Biotop 250 grams recycled paper. Biotop 120 grams off-white recycled paper is used for the inside pages and the zines are digital-offset printed. The signature is sewn by hand in a saddle stitched chair style. The edition is 25 books and self-published in 2022 and the zines are signed.

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